Bitácora Social - Experts on people and their everyday lives
  • Bitácora Social - Experts on people and their everyday lives

  • Bitácora Social - Experts on people and their everyday lives

What do we seek to understand?

"Rather than just understanding people's actions and decisions when they buy one brand or another, we want to understand the role that these brands play in their daily lives. We see relationships, not transactions."

"We seek to understand how certain brands and products become part of people's reality, their everyday, their contexts, their signifiers, their relationships, etc."

"To assess the differences between discourse and action, we don't just listen to people, we observe them."

What do we do?

Anthropological research and studies

To bring academic knowledge to companies, governments, brands, and non-profit organizations.

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How do we do it?

Our research process consists of three levels:


At all times conducted by specialists in Social Sciences, Anthropology, and Visual Anthropology.


Conducted by a multidisciplinary group that reviews the field materials, and discusses and proposes the academic findings of the research by building consensus.


Performed by strategic marketing and communications consultants, identifying concrete applications for the direct benefit of the client.

What have we researched?

Since 2010, with the collaboration of more than 300 anthropologists in Mexico and Latin America, Bitácora Social has gathered information on different social phenomena to answer various research questions.

Which are the areas of application?

Image and communication

We seek to understand emotions, personality, and symbolic relationships, in order to create messages and imaging strategies that are relevant to the target audience.

Marketing and Publicity

We analyze how social dynamics, socioeconomic level, roles, cultural elements, and everyday contexts determine and affect consumer decisions and individual preferences.

Social Responsability

Through our understanding of the interests, needs, and priorities of people, we're able to suggest and design effective strategies to channel social responsibility resources and actions towards programs that are relevant to their beneficiaries.

Human Resources

We develop an understanding of people in their work environments, so as to identify key elements that drive organizational transformation and strategic changes.

Public Policy

By analyzing habits, customs, and dynamics in family and work environments, we develop knowledge to support the implementation, design, and evaluation of public programs.

What are our products?

At Bitácora Social, we know that every company and institution has its own processes and needs. That's why we created a series of products and services to effectively meet the needs of each client.

Where have we worked?

Who has placed their trust in us?


Central America
South American Cone

Would you like
to work with us?

Bitácora Social is always on the search for new talent!
We are looking for young professionals in Social Sciences and/or Humanities (Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Anthropology, Linguistics, Communication Sciences, Journalism, Political Science, International Relations, and alike) with interests in analyzing social behaviours as well as commercial strategies based in deep anthropological findings. All this in one completely autonomus work environment.

What do we expect from you? Curiosity, dedication and responsibility. Plus technical skills like research &analysis of information, articulated writing, communication, personnel management, leadership and good rapport with clients.

If you are interested in joining our team, just pick the country where you would like to work:
- México:
- Chile (South American Cone):

And please share with us:
- Your curriculum vitae
- A small essay (1 or 2 pages) about Leadership according to Sheriff Woody from Toy Story